• Keep Track Of Feature Requests and Feedback with JIRA

    With Jira you can plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects. Jira provides tools to understand project health and status. JIRA offers customizable workflows all the way from issue creation to release management.

  • How an Anonymous Feedback Tool can help you to collect valuable feedback?

    Feedback is important in many different areas. If you’re set out to improve your website, app or even your employee satisfaction, monitoring the target audiences experience is essential. Anonymous feedback helps to keep an open flow of communication between you and your audience.

  • Feature Request Template: How to Collect User Requests, Upvotes, and Feedback

    Feature suggestions are an effective method for communication between you, the product owner, and your consumers or clients. Feature request templates provide you with a good sense of how your customers are utilizing your product or service.

  • Great Ways to Improve Your Release Notes - With Release Note Templates

    Release Notes are beneficial for everyone from customers to developers Release note templates will make sure that your release note is clear and concise for both technical and non-technical users alike.

  • How to use Notion for Project Management: Templates, Tools and more

    In this article, we would like to take a closer look at Notion. Discovering pros and cons and how you can use it for your company's or team's project management needs. 🙌

  • Best Issue Tracking Systems: 9 Tools for Issue Tracking

    Issue tracking systems provide a ticketing system to record and follow the progress of a project. An issue tracking system is a tool to keep track of every task and transaction that happens in the project.

  • The Best Public Roadmap Tools: The Ultimate List

    While it's tempting to keep your product roadmap private, it's important to be transparent and share as much information with your team as possible. In reality, anyone can copy your product and overtake you. But this is an outdated concept. Forward-leaning, user-focused companies are reaping the benefits from being transparent with their product roadmaps!

  • The Best SaaS Affiliate Programs for Recurring Revenue

    Want to make money with zero effort? Join an affiliate program and get a unique link to share with your audience. Whether it's a blog post, YouTube video, or something else, all you have to do is include the affiliate link and if someone takes action and buys the product, you'll get a commission!

  • The Best Feedback Widgets for your Website

    A website feedback widget is a way to provide your customers the opportunity to give you feedback on the website. It can be placed anywhere on the page and it allows visitors to rate your site between one and five stars, or provide written feedback.

  • The 5 Best Feature Voting Tools: The Complete List

    One of the best ways to collect and manage is to work with a feature voting tool. With feature voting software, it’s really efficient to really work together with your users on improving your product. Feature voting allows you to gather opinions and ideas from your users.