• Custom Feedback Buttons for your Website

    In this article, we'll see some really cool looking feedback buttons using only a few lines of CSS & HTML.

  • How to achieve customer satisfaction?

    Take care of your marketing and exactly this includes creating customer satisfaction. "The customer is king" - this old wisdom is probably known to every entrepreneur. And so it must be - the customer must always be satisfied.

  • Do you already keep a changelog?

    A changelog is a file or list that contains a manually maintained, chronologically sorted list of all significant changes implemented between individual releases or versions of a project.

  • The best tools for online surveys

    Whether researching a scientific paper or providing feedback to an app developer, online survey tools make feedback easy. Not everyone needs to reinvent the wheel, there are many practical tools for the easy creation of online surveys.

  • How to improve customer satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction makes your company successful. If you manage to make your customers happy and satisfied, you make sure that they come back and recommend your product or service to others. On the other hand, if your customer is dissatisfied and annoyed, he will complain loudly.