How to organize Customer Feedback

If you make it easy for your customers to give feedback, they actually do. That's why it is all about making feedback management as sleek as possible.

Make it sleek

Using customer feedback is now quite simple - for you and your customers. Just one line of code and you can embed the widget instantly on any website. Your customers do not have to go to an external portal or even create an account there. They can give feedback quickly and easily without leaving your site - they won't even notice that it's an external service.

Get your customers involved

You build your product for your customers, not for yourself. So why shouldn't you involve them in the product development process? An online, conversational community can be an invaluable supplement to all your other data sources. Sleekplan can help you to engage your customers from the initial idea to the evaluation of new features.

Don't rely on up- and downvotes

When involving your customers, things can get pretty messy. To ensure that you always make the right decisions, Sleekplan helps you to prioritize things. We don't just count your up- and downvotes, we calculate an impact score based on many factors such as user engagement, the item activity, the user satisfaction, and the weighting of your customers.

Close the feedback loop

Sleekplan covers each part of the feedback loop. Okay, to be honest, you still have to make the final decisions yourself. But we can help you to ensure those are the right ones.

Collect Feedback

With Sleekplan you make it simple for your customers to submit feedback. Just embed the feedback widget to collect and discuss various solutions.
Fully customizable widget
Set weighting for your users
Categorize feedback items
Discussions & Votes

Plan your Roadmap

Show what is coming up and what you are currently working on. We calculate an impact score for each feedback item based on many different aspects, so you can decide what to build next.
Impact score calculation
Send status updates

Keep a Changelog

Keep your customers up to date on new product updates with a changelog. Engage them and instantly collect feedback on new features.
Web- and email notifications
Categorize changelog items

Measure Satisfaction

Keep an eye on your customer satisfaction. With Sleekplan you can analyze customer satisfaction over time and quickly react to negative trends.
Measure customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction timeline
Identify unhappy users

Keep the Big Picture

With the lean dashboard, you always keep a clear overview of everything that matters. Plus, you'll get suggestions for feedback with a high impact on your customers' satisfaction.
Feedback statistics
High impact suggestions

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