Kickstart the Feedback LLoopp

If you make it easy for your users to give feedback, they actually do. That's why it's all about making the feedback loop as sleek as possible.


Basic Features

Sleekplan can do all of this and more for your website, app or e-Commerce. Sleekplan contains four diffrenet modules (Feedback, Changelog, Roadmap and Satisfaction). Enable or disable each of the modules up to your needs.

Take a look at the basic features below or select one of the modules to find the specific features.

In-app widget

Install in-app or on your website so users can access easily.

Standalone website & custom domain

Public website with your own domain and SEO optimization.

Embeddable Iframe

Insert Sleekplan via an iframe wherever it fits in.

Custom Email Sending Domain

Domain branding for all emails that Sleekplan sends to your users.
Color Palette

Fully customizable

Customize the layout and the content to your needs.
Finger Print

Single Sign-on

Know which user is giving you feedback via your Sleekpan account with Single Sign-On (SSO).

User Segmentation

Segment users to get insights based on priority user groups (e.g. MRR, Plan, Location etc.)

Team collaboration

Simply work together with your team by assign feedback to specific teammates.
Information Circle

Custom user data

It's always important to know who is giving you feedback. Are they a paying customer or a lead?
Information Circle

Advanced user profiles

We enrich your customer data with additional information about location, device and timezone.


Get detailed analytics on customer satisfaction and feedback.


Setup advanced workflow with webhooks.
Code Working


Easily access your data on Sleekplan with our REST API service.

Private boards

Restrict access by password, single sign-on or your company email domain.
Shield Checkmark

GDPR compliant

Sleekplan is fully committed to ensuring compliance with the GDPR.


Supported languages: 🇺🇸/🇬🇧, 🇩🇪, 🇫🇷, 🇪🇸, 🇧🇷, 🇨🇳, 🇹🇼, 🇵🇱, 🇨🇿, 🇮🇩

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for admin and team accounts.

Close the feedback loop

Sleekplan covers each part of the feedback loop. Okay, to be honest, you still have to make the final decisions yourself. But we can help you to ensure those are the right ones.

Collect Feedback

With Sleekplan you make it simple for your customers to submit feedback. Just embed the feedback widget to collect and discuss various solutions.
Standalone feedback board
Embeddable feedback board
Feature voting
Eye Off

Anonymous voting & posting

Allow your users to post, vote, and comment anaonymously without regsitration.
File Tray Stacked

Custom categories

Set up custom categories for different use cases like Bug reporting, Integration requests, ...

Custom status tags

You can name your status tags up to your need and create new ones if required.
Git Merge

Merge posts

If a feedback closely enough matches an existing post, you can merge the two into a single entry.
Eye Off

Internal discussions

Discuss ideas with your team or asign actions to your team members.

Create feedback
on behalf of users

Lets you track the feedback you get from other channels.

Vote on behalf of users

Vote on behalf of your users if you receive suggestions from other channels.

Voice-of-the-customer weighting

Not every vote can be worth the same. You decide how to weight your customers.

Feedback owner

Improve the collaboration by assigning teammates to specific suggestions.

Email notifications

We notify your users when the status has changed or on new comments and mentions.

Reply via email

Users can simply reply to an email to create a new comment.

Feedback moderation

You can moderate new suggestions before they appear on your board.

Impact score calculation

Based on your choice on the "WEIGHTING" we calculate an impact score for each post.

Estimated Dates for Posts

Easily manage your users expectations by specifying an estimated month and year.

Share your Roadmap

Show what is coming up and what you are currently working on. We calculate an impact score for each feedback item based on many different aspects, so you can decide what to build next.
Keep customers updated
Kanban or list styled
Standalone roadmap
Embeddable roadmap

Send Status updates

If the status of a post has changes we notify subscriber via email and in-app.
File Tray Full

Custom roadmap status tags & order

You decide which status tags should appear in your roadmap and in which order.

Keep a Changelog

Keep your customers up to date on new product updates with a changelog. Engage them and instantly collect feedback on new features.
Keep users in the loop
Standalone changelog
Embeddable changelog

Scheduled updates

Schedule posts to keep your users and site visitors in the know.

Notification queue

Combine multiple updates on the same day in one notification.

Subscriber & notifications

Enable your customers to subscribe to your changelog so they instantly get notified on new updates.

Call to action link

Lead your users directly to the changes with call to action link.

In-App Announcements

Announce your latest updates in-app with pop-ups and get instant engagement.

Markdown support

For advanced formatting of your posts Sleekplan supports the Markdown language.

Measure Satisfaction

Keep an eye on your customer satisfaction. With Sleekplan you can analyze customer satisfaction over time and quickly react to negative trends.
Measure customer satisfaction
Identify unhappy users
Standalone & Embeddable

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

Sleekplan enables you to directly measures customer satisfaction levels.
Bar Chart

History & trends

Analyze historical data and measure changes when shipping new features.

Custom surveys

Get more detailes insights (e.g. How does Feature A perform, How satisfied are leads with the pricing)

Popup surveys

Using the Sleekplan JavaScript SDK enables you to add sleek popups to your website or app.

Keep the Big Picture

With the lean dashboard, you always keep a clear overview of everything that matters. Plus, you'll get suggestions for feedback with a high impact on your customers' satisfaction.
Feedback statistics
High impact suggestions

Pageview Analytics

See how your board performs: Which suggestions have the most page views.

Feedback Analytics

Analyze feedback based on categories and status tags.

Community feed

A detailed view of recent community activites.

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