"Sleekplan is on a mission to make an improvement over what's similar today in the world of customer feedback tools" Sleekplan enables all-size businesses to provide their user a hassle free way to share feedback and suggestions using a sleek in-app widget that can easily be integrated into any existing application. Businesses have everything in place to cover the whole feedback loop from end to end.
Marco Graf
Founder of Sleekplan

Sleekplan is getting better every day,
based on your feedback

So please feel encouraged to share your experiences, needs, or issues with the community, so that we can develop solutions together and make Sleekplan even better for all of you. Check our Roadmap to find out what's coming up next.
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Okay all systems are running, but what about security? Sleekplan takes your security and the security of your website visitors very seriously. Our team implemented security best-practices at every level. Sleekplan always refused to sell any data and our policy is to respect your data privacy. Our business model is based on paid Sleekplan subscriptions. Not on your data!

All public network channels on the Sleekplan platform are fully encrypted. This comes for both our app (Web resources), and the widget implemented in your app (user messages and user data). Sleekplan uses Amazon Web Services to host all of our applications, databases and static resources and we back-up everything continuously to ensure your data stays safe. If you have questions regarding Sleekplan security, contact our support.