As a developer in the SaaS market, I know how important it is to listen to your customers Yet, the solutions out there did not satisfy me rather. I wanted a sleek solution that could be easily integrated into my existing applications and allow me to focus on truly important information. Therefore, I made Sleekplan, the sleekest application, to bring customers and companies together to build outstanding products. As I like the approach of chat widgets because of their simplicity, I wanted to adapt this concept for feedback management.

Hi there,

I am the guy behind Sleekplan. I'm more or less in charge of everything here - coding all from the backend, to the web application. With Sleekplan I wanted to build a service that simplifies how SaaS companies collaborate with their customers to collect feedback and build great products, since getting genuine customer feedback is worth more than any brilliant marketing strategy you may come up with. So I sat down with a lot of ☕️ and started building Sleekplan. If you have any questions, let us chat or send me an email.
- Marco

Sleekplan is getting better every day, based on your feedback

So please feel encouraged to share your experiences, needs, or issues with the community, so that we can develop solutions together and make Sleekplan even better for all of you.
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