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You are looking for good alternatives and competitors to What's difficult is finding out whether or not the software you choose is right for you. In addition to the classic help desk tools, there are growing numbers of services on the cloud market, such as, which combine the typical features of ticketing and support with marketing tools such as customer feedback. A support forum for example lets you record, process, and evaluated feature requests from your customers. A voting mechanism makes it possible to see which features the users really want. The implementation and design of features can be discussed together. The goal is to drive open and transparent communication with customers. And there are some greate alternatives to out there you can find them below.

What is a customer feedback tool?

Customer feedback tools are widely used by software companies. The applications offer many tools that give customers the opportunity to suggest their own ideas for new features, ask questions, report problems or bugs and seek help. If you are looking for alternatives to, we have put together a list of customer feedback management tools below. Pricing is located in the mid to high price range compared to other customer feedback tools. Prices at start at $50 per month, for this price the number of users is limited to 100. The pricing model scales with the number of users (For example, for 1000 users you pay $200). is a feature voting and changelog tool for product managers. It allows companies to get feedback from their users and get a feel of what features are in high demand for future releases. is a b2b customer feedback solution, providing companies with an easy way of collecting feedback from their customers. They can do this by using the Canny platform, which is available via a web platform. It is cloud-based solution that helps companies small to large collect, prioritize, and track feedback with simple voting features. lets you track which customers want which feature. This data helps your team make more robust product decisions.

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Best-in-class Alternative: Sleekplan!

Sleekplan is an alternative customer feedback management tool to that helps you to cover the whole feedback loop - starting with the collection of feedback, through the prioritization and ongoing development of features, to the notification of your customers. With Sleekplan you get a fully integrated feedback solution made specifically for the needs of SaaS companies.
Sleekplan as alternative alternative
Sleekplan vs.
Feedback Board
Feature included at Sleekplan
Feature included at
Feature included at Sleekplan
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Feature included at Sleekplan
Feature included at
Feature included at Sleekplan
Feature not included at
Fully featured in-app widget
Feature included at Sleekplan
Feature not included at
Custom email domain
Feature included at Sleekplan
Feature not included at
Unlimited tracked user
Feature included at Sleekplan
Feature not included at
from $0/month
from $50/month
Ease of use
Target customer
all size companies
all size companies
Billing is based on
set of features
tracked users

That's just the tip of the iceberg

Designed for product managers, Sleekplan is an all-in-one user feedback tool and customer satisfaction platform. We don't want to compare each and every feature with, see why:
In-app widget, standalone website or iframeJust one line of code and Sleekplan can easily be integrated straight into your existing web application.
Prioritize customer feedbackDo not simply rely on up- and downvotes. Sleekplan prioritizes your feedback based on better factors.
Keep a changelogKeep your customers in the loop with new features. Notify customers about changes and record the ongoing progress in a changelog.
Fully integrated solutionSleekplan can be fully integrated into your web application, with only one line of code.
Track customer satisfactionDon't just discuss new ideas or bugs, but also keep an eye on the customer satisfaction and how it improves over time.

Top Alternatives to

We are convinced that you will love Sleekplan. But of course we don't want to deprive you of other great alternatives to out there. Below you will find a list of great alternatives to
  • 1. UserEcho

    UserEcho is a tool to deal with your clients, their wishes, ideas and requirements. UserEcho is feedback and request system for websites and products. It captures user feedback and requests which can be used by developers to improve their products. UserEcho allows sharing of the information with other people in an organization who might not otherwise have access to it. This makes it easier for project managers, product managers and marketers to see what customers want. Alternatives to UserEchoUserEcho as alternative
  • 2. Sleekplan

    Sleekplan is the all-in-one customer feedback tool that can easily be embedded in any web application. The widget assists you to track suggestions, ideas, and bugs from your customers, share a roadmap, and keep a changelog. The Sleekplan website widget can be used to get feedback from website visitors on a variety of different aspects such as layout, design, navigation, and usability. The widget comes with a whole bunch of options when it comes to website feedback: Public and private feedback, Feature voting board, Changelog, Public Roadmap, Website screenshots, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer satisfaction (CSAT). Sleekplan as alternative
  • 3. Hotjar

    Hotjar offers two main tools: analysis and feedback. These include the tools Heatmaps, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, and Visitor Recording. With these analysis tools, companies can monitor and measure user behavior. Hotjar provides visual representations of website visitors and their usage behavior. Hotjar as alternative
  • 4. Uservoice

    Uservoice is a web based service for gathering and managing customer feedback. It records user requests, ratings, ideas and problems for a website or product. Webmasters can access the information to improve their services. UserVoice was launched in California in 2008, the service is said to have over 100,000 customers worldwide and addresses large companies that want to gather customer feedback, effectively process support requests, and increase customer satisfaction. Alternatives to UservoiceUservoice as alternative
  • 5. Upvoty

    Upvoty is a service that allows websites to integrate user voting system. Users can vote on feature requests and suggestions, giving website owners an insight into what is popular right now. Upvoty is used by SaaS companies, start-ups or basically anyone who needs user feedback and cares about product optimization can use canny to turn feedback from your users into actionable product optimizations. Alternatives to UpvotyUpvoty as alternative
  • 6. UserReport

    UserReport is a feedback management system with an integrated survey function, from which visitor data can be collected and ideas for possible improvements to the website can be gathered. UserReport is a feedback and request system for websites. It captures user feedback and requests which can be used by developers to improve their products. UserReport as alternative
  • 7. Hellonext

    Collect and organize your customer feedback and keep your users informed about the latest updates. Hellonext is a simple web-based feedback tool for websites and apps. It captures user requests and allows viewers to vote on the importance of each request. Hellonext as alternative
  • 8. Nolt

    Nolt is a really affordable feedback solution compared with others here. Nolt can be used on more than one website and requires no installation. It is a great solution for people who want to get customers opinions. Nolt is a platform that allows anyone to collect crowdsourcing feedback from customers, employees, friends or any other group that can give feedback. Alternatives to NoltNolt as alternative
  • 9. Mopinion

    Mopinion is an all-in-one user feedback platform that helps digital businesses listen, understand and act across the Internet. The Feedback tool lets you create polls for your users, ask open-ended questions, set up feedback categories and allows for A/B testing of designs or versions of pages/features etc. Mopinion gives you a lot of insight into who your visitors are so you can target them better in the future as well as improve already existing features. Their support is excellent which makes using this tool even more worthwhile! Mopinion as alternative
  • 10. Emojicom

    Emojico is a really fun way to get feedback from customers. This service allows websites to show emojis as options for users to express their feelings about features on the website. Emojico has an API that programmers can use in their own applications or websites to display this information. It is a very simple but also basic service for collecting feedback using emojis. Emojicom as alternative
  • 11. Shipright

    As companies grow, they find it difficult to listen and respond to customer feedback. Shipright captures customer needs and requests which can be used by developers to improve their products. Shipright allows sharing of this information with other people in your organization who might not otherwise have access to it. Shipright is a service that can help companies understand their customers feedback better to build products that users love. Shipright as alternative
  • 12.

    Pendo enables users to provide insight, user guidance and user communication for digital product teams. The service enables understanding product usage, gathering feedback, measuring NPS and onboard users and announcing new features within the application. is a user feedback and product analytics service for websites. It captures and analyze customer needs which can be used by developers to improve their products. as alternative
  • 13. Fider

    Let your customers share, vote and discuss on suggestions they have to make your product even better. Fider is an open source tool that can help you to collect feedback and prioritize so that you can focus on developing the right product. Fider as alternative
  • 14. Aha! empowers product managers to understand the why, when and what of products by helping them to create complex product portfolios, complete with schedules, goals, release strategies and more. is a roadmapping and product management tool for teams. It allows teams to create, prioritize and plan the features of their products. Aha has an API that programmers can use in their own applications or websites to display this information. Alternatives to Aha!Aha! as alternative

How to get Meaningful Customer Feedback?

Well, you can not always satisfy everybody. And yet satisfaction is what customers expect. When you run an online business, you must do everything you can to satisfy as many customers as possible. This is exactly where Customer Feedback Management (CFM) comes in. CFM does what Google and Facebook can not. While ratings there are only "good" and "bad", CFM goes deeper and illustrates what your customers really think. Many companies obtain customer feedback by using a variety of secondary survey and other feedback tools. Much softer is the question of how meaningful the feedback is and how it can help to focus the service or product.

"Get in the Van" and Other Tips for Getting Meaningful Customer Feedback by Michael Sippey

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