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Collect ideas and suggestions & discuss them with your customers

the feedback loop

Focus on things that your customers need, not on things you suspect your customers may need. Sleekplan can help you to cover the whole feedback loop from collecting feedback and discussing ideas to prioritizing new features and notifying your customers about recent changes.

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More than just feature voting

Sleekplan is not just another feature voting tool, it rather covers the entire process from the idea to the shipped feature and everything in between.

Structure it

Categorize and structure your feedback based on your criteria.

Create a roadmap

Keep everyone informed about things you are working on.

Measure satisfaction

Always keep an eye on your customer satisfaction.

Keep a changelog

Keep your users informed about your recent product updates.

Collect user feedback straight from your website

Just one line of code and Sleekplan can easily be integrated straight into your existing web application - simply by using our JavaScript snippet. Plus you can easily access the widget with our $sleek SDK. No need to have an external portal. Collect feedback from inside your web application and start collaborating with your customers to bring up better solutions.
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Focus on the right things

Don’t waste time building the wrong things. Sleekplan calculates an impact score based on meaningful metrics to prioritize feedback, so you can make better product decisions.

Know your customers' needs

Don't grope in the dark. Effortlessly capture, track, and organize your customers' feedback with a system built around your needs.
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