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The widget can be embedded in any web application with our JavaScript snippet. Use the $sleek SDK to access the widget from your application.
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Besides the widget we also have a standalone solution which can be accessed via our subdomain or your own domain (e.g.
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There are certain requirements, you have to integrate the feedback widget via an iframe. And, yes we have an special embeddable solution for this.
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Sleekplan covers your privacy needs

Setup baords for internal and external audiences, or both!
Public audiences
Sleekplan can be shared easily with your users. You have full control over how users need to log in to your board and whether you allow anonymous contributions.
Internal audiences
You can protect your board from unauthorized access in many ways, including: JWT SSO, Password, Email domain, SAML SSO and more...
Make your board available to the public and create private categories for you and your team! Thus, you can manage both - Internal and external requests.

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