User Feedback Tools - The ultimate list for 2022

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As a product manager, you know that user feedback is essential to your success. You need it to improve your product, increase growth through upsells and renewals, and serve up an all-around great user experience. But feedback isn’t worth much if you can’t surface the insights that make those improvements possible.

That’s where qualitative analytics comes in. With the help of qualitative analytics tools like surveys, interviews, focus groups,and user reviews, you can extract the important insights from user feedback and use them to improve your product.

In this article, we will show you how qualitative analytics and feedback tools can help you turn user feedback into valuable insights that will improve your product. I’ll also give you a few tips on how to get the most out of user feedback.

# What is a user feedback tool?

A user feedback tool gives you a simple way to collect your users' honest views about your brand, products and services. It can include surveys, interviews, focus groups, general user reviews, and user feedback forms as well as feature requests. With qualitative analytics, you can also use user feedback to understand how customers think about your marketing, products, and services. In this way, qualitative analytics helps you get a deep understanding of what your customers think and feel about your brand.

# How do user feedback tools work?

Before you jump into the tools below, let’s look at the basic process of qualitative analytics. To get the most out of your qualitative analytics tools, follow these six steps:

1.  Decide what type of feedback you want to get. 2.  Determine the best way to get user feedback. 3.  Measure your user feedback. 4.  Analyze the results. 5.  Take action.

# Best User Feedback Tools for 2022

Let's dive in and explore some of the most popular user feedback tools available today.

# User Feedback Tool #1: Sleekplan


Sleekplan is an all-in-one user feedback solution that’s designed to help you get the most out of feedback. Sleekplan offers different modules to get your whole feedback loop covered with one tool: Feedback Board, Roadmap, Changelog, CSAT-surveys, and NPS-surveys. The whole tool can be used as a separate feedback portal using your own domain (e.g. or embedded directly in your web- or mobile app with the fully featured in-app widget.

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# User Feedback Tool #2:


PARLOR.IO is a digital customer feedback tool that helps you collect feedback from your website visitors. The tool is free and easy to set up and use, giving you a clear snapshot of what customers are saying about your website. It's also easy to get started with, and you can add it to your website in seconds.

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# User Feedback Tool #3: Typeform


Typeform is a flexible data collection tool that is able to generate intuitive forms, questionnaires, and surveys that present questions on the platform in a sequential manner - which explains why it was created so that it allows you to get more thoughtful responses to questions and higher completion rates. This website includes a drag & drop builder, a photo & video library, and a conditional logic engine that generates the right follow-up questions to create a more conversational experience for your end-users.

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# User Feedback Tool #4: UserReport


UserReport is a user feedback tool based on two main widgets: a survey widget and a feedback widget. The platform works as a feature of your website or mobile app and allows you to survey website visitors in real-time, and it collects insights from the website visitors and then tells you how the visitors feel about and interact with your content and feature. UserReport gives you a real look.

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# User Feedback Tool #5: Podium


Podium is an online reputation management and messaging application that enables businesses to aggregate and manage reviews from multiple online platforms, helping drivers improve their user experience as well as drive growth. This platform was built exclusively for local businesses–with ten thousand locations and is a centralized interface for local businesses to interact with, manage reviews, and track analytics.

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# User Feedback Tool #6: Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a survey tool that allows users to collect qualitative insights with pop-up surveys. These surveys often take about 10x longer than typical surveys. The Qualaroo platform includes a tool called "nudges," it helps you ask the right questions at the right time. The software comes with pre-made "nudge" templates to help you get started. These pre-build survey templates will help you create user feedback surveys without making a lot of effort. The Qualaroo platform additionally, incorporates an AI powered emotion analysis to determine sentiment and help identify when, why and how to ask and design questions using the responses.

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# User Feedback Tool #7: Hotjar

HotJar has been famous for a lot of different products, two that are particularly cool ones are a Heat Map product and a ScrollMap tool. They are both visually stunning, and allow a user to watch what real people are viewing as they scroll the webpages, and click links.

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# User Feedback Tool #8: Usersnap

The platform can be best used by startup applications and those focused on e-commerce. It offers issue and project management tools, and lets you manage and prioritize requests in a single dashboard. The goal of Usersnap is to help CX, tech support, and product teams solve users' critical pain points.

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# User Feedback Tool #9: Instabug

The Instabug is an app that visualizes the feedback from a bug report, app performance moniutoring, in-app surveys and chats among users. The program allows screenwriting that generates annotations and screen recordings.

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# User Feedback Tool #10: TrustPilot

TrustPilot was not only designed as a review site, but it has also used the data it gathers to help different industries and marketing projects by providing insights. The service provides widgets you can install on your website to capture user feedback and publish it back to search engines for help boost your visibility in organic search and paid search.

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Looking for an all-in-one Feedback tool for your Product?

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