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Use a public product roadmap tool - You customers will love it!

A public product roadmap is a place where your users can get a better insight into your planning, but most importantly: where users can contribute to the ongoing development of your service! Public roadmaps aren’t good just for existing customers. They can also be super effective at reeling in new ones.

Roadmap Features



Install in-app or on your website so users can access easily.


If the status of a post has changes we notify subscriber via email and in-app.
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You decide wich status tags should appear in your roadmap and in which order.

Keep track

You can update your roadmap at any time via the admin app and always keep an eye on the big picture, regardless of whether you prefere a kanban board or a list style.
Keep track

Custom appearance

Customize the look according to your needs. The roadmap tool enables yout to change texts, colors and more...
Custom appearance

In-app widget, website or iframe

The roadmap can be used as in-app widget, standalone website or via iframe - Or all at once
In-app widget, website or iframe

Notify users

Notify your user on status updates via email and our in-app widget.

Keep a changelog to share recent changes and keep your users up to date.
Notify users

What is a public product roadmap
and why you should have one..!

A roadmap is a visual representation of relationships between market developments, customer requirements, a company's products, technologies, technology expertise and research results that may be relevant to a company. The roadmap primarily shows long-term developments in these areas and is thus a roadmap for corporate strategy and product development.
Roadmapping includes all activities necessary to create and maintain a roadmap. This process is intended to support medium- and long-term planning in a company.
The roadmap uses the metaphor of a map or road map and thereby emphasizes the importance of the graphical and transparent preparation of analysis and forecast information in order to provide orientation for corporate decisions and plans.
Why you should have a public product roadmap tool:

1. Your customers will love it

Your customers will love you for being transparent. Once you share what you're working on, your customers will be more inclined to tell you what they're thinking and interact with you directly.

2. Attract new customers and stand out from the competition

Site visitors who are browsing and thinking about signing up for your product will appreciate the transparency of a public roadmap. They'll have a better idea of what they're signing up for and what's to come, especially for early-stage SaaS companies.

3. Build the right features based on customer feedback.

By making your roadmap public, your customers can tell you whether or not they think you're on the right track. Their feedback on your planned features can be invaluable.

4. Good for your team

Sharing your plans and roadmap openly ensures that your team has thought through what goes into the roadmap.

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