A simple tool to keep a public Changelog

Keep your users up to date with an embedded changelog tool
for your software or product

Embedded changelog tool on a website

Keep your users in the loop with a changelog

Sleekplan is an embedded all-in-one tool to track customer feedback, build a roadmap and finally keep a changelog for your mobile app, software or product and notify users about recent changes. So that Sleekplan can help you to cover the whole feedback loop.

Changelog Features



Install in-app or on your website so users can access easily.


Enable your customers to subscribe to your changelog so they instantly get notified on new updates..


Lead your users directly to the changes with call to action link.


For advanced formatting of your posts Sleekplan supports the Markdown language.

Keep a changelog

A changelog is a curated, chronologically ordered list of all important changes made to your project, website or mobile app.

Sleekplan provides you with a stand alone widget as well as our embedded tool to easily embed and maintain your changlog on your web based application.
Keep a changelog

Modify the widget

The whole widget can be modified - This includes all texts, custom colors and your logo. For the stand-alone solution you can also use a custom domain.

And the Sleekplan widget can do much more: Measure customer satisfaction, let your customers send feature requests and share progress with a roadmap.
Modify the widget

Notify the user

An important part is to inform your customers about changes. After all, what good is a changelog if nobody is following it? If you have completed a feature request from your backlog, all the customers who follow the request or have given an upvote will be notified. So you can quickly get feedback and instantly see the impact of the new feature on customer satisfaction.

Get feedback

Fast feedback and short development cycles are the key. Get feedback on your recent changes and track the customer satisfaction of your product, website or mobile app.
Get feedback

What is a changelog?

A changelog is a change protocol where changes, for example to a software, a website or within a project, are documented. So, in a changelog - also called 'release note', 'news', 'what's new' etc. - changes and the history of a new development are documented.

The content and structure of the changelog

The information logged in a changelog can vary. In an internal company system, usually all changes and thus numerous small details are documented. This can be very important to ensure traceability. Often, however, customers are not interested in all the details of a change; for them, the benefit of a change is the main focus. A changelog within software development is therefore also a marketing instrument. It is an evidence for the further development of features and a possibility to highlight individual aspects of the change.
The design of a changelog for users causes relatively much effort. Many companies therefore work with a configuration or changelog management system like Sleekplan that documents all changes and marks the information that is later - manually or automatically - transferred to the changelog.

Different formats

The form in which a changelog is presented varies: it can be a flat or nested list of changes, a table or a document. The form depends on the purpose of the log: If it is an internal company log, changes are often managed in lists and/or tables. If it is information that informs users about new developments, improvements or bug fixes of a software, it is usually provided as a document.

A tool to build a changelog!

If possible, you don't want to worry about creating a changelog yourself, because the time can be better invested in development. That's why we have built a simple widget based tool, which takes care of the creation of the changelog for you. The tool can be easily integrated into any existing web or mobile application, so your users don't have to leave the application to see the changelog.

Satisfying customers, made simple.

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