The most powerful Feedback Widget for your Website

Sleekplan is based on a sleek feedback widget, that can be embedded in any website. The widget makes it increadible easy for your visitors to share & discuss feedback and suggestions.

Why should you use a feedback widget?

The Feedback widget is the most common and recommended way to use Sleekplan with your application. Sleekplan is primarily based on the JavaScript widget, which allows your visitos to share and discuss feedback without leaving your application. This makes the whole process really smooth and dont interrupt the user flow.

Collect feedback via the widget

The feedback widget allows you to collect and discuss feedback and suggestions from your customers on your website. You can easily keep your customers in the feedback cycle by using the widget to share a public changelog.

Moreover, you can track customer satisfaction scores and collect private comments.
Collect feedback via the widget

Use sleek popups

The feedback widget comes with sleek popus to achieve a higher user interaction rate by actively asking them to give you feedback.

Take a look at our demo page to see how it works.
Use sleek popups

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Use an embeddable widget to collect customer feedback!

Collecting customer feedback is very important to your customer service strategy, as well as maintaining contact with your customers at every step of their journey with your brand. A good way to keep in touch with your customers is to use a feedback widget on your website, knowledge base or any other customer-oriented website you have. A widget is usually a pop-up form that initially appears as a tab in the corner of the user's screen. It opens as a list of form fields that the user can fill out. Its purpose is to encourage users to contact your team at any time if they have questions or problems. Users can also attach screenshots to their request or search for relevant Knowledge Base articles using the widget.

The advantages of feedback widgets

If you add a feedback widget to your website to help you react quickly, your customers will not hesitate to test your brand a second time. In addition to survey widgets, Sleekplan also offers the ability to send notifications to websites and mobile apps, for example, to get heigher response rates. The feedback widgets also provide a place where customers can attach screenshots and other information so product manager or developer can give customers a high-quality response to their initial reaction. If a user adds an item to their shopping cart and does not finish it, you can use the widget to trigger a review of their experience with your product or service. In these circumstances, survey widgets serve as a useful tool to understand the customer experience. Meanwhile, feedback widgets help you gather ideas to fix bugs, which can make it easier to prioritize features based on popularity. The widget makes it easy to respond to your visitors

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