How we deal with Customer Feedback

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We accept feature requests and bug reports from our customers via (opens new window) or via the feedback widget and try to respond to all requests if possible. The prioritization we follow is mostly already given by Sleekplan, by identifying the most desired features. So if a customer is missing a feature, it is very likely that we will build a new feature to solve his problem.


# Feature requests to Sleekplan team

We use our customer feedback tool (opens new window) to record special requirements and include them in our planning. Unfortunately, some of the requested features require a longer development time, others can be implemented quickly. Sleekplan allows to define the effort for the implementation to be set by team members.

In order to be able to work on major tasks in the long term, the feedback tool automatically prioritize incoming requests and check the feasibility of these customer requirements.

We try to give our users a fast answer. If multiple users interact with an request, this can speed up the process a lot. As more interaction we see on a feature request as higher the prioritisation will be. Sometimes this means that we cannot implement a feature directly and set the status to on hold.

# What does on hold mean?

Similar to what this status might suggest, this does not mean that we will not work on the feature in the future. We would like to point out that this request has unfortunately not made it into our ongoing roadmap planning.

However, features with the status on hold will continue to be considered by us - and the community should also be able to see what we are currently working on. We continue to manage these feature requests in the background and keep an eye on whether requests for a particular topic are increasing.

# Other states

There are also a number of other states that we use for tracking the progress.

  • Closed: Closed requests will not be further processed. This can mean, that the same request has already been submitted or that a feature does not fit into the long-term planning of Sleekplan.
  • Completed: The status indicates that a bug has been fixed or a new feature has been successfully implemented.
  • Under Review, Planned, In Progress: All these states represent the current state in our roadmap. If a request is in one of these states, users can expect a timely implementation.

If you have any questions about the best use of the feedback tool or if we can support you in setting up your product on Sleekplan simply contact us.


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