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You are looking for good and affordable alternatives to Get Satisfaction? Get Satisfaction enables companies to create online communities with little effort and integrate them easily into any website. The goal is to drive open and transparent communication with customers. Social networks play a decisive role in this and are seamlessly integrated into the platform. This allows companies to centrally track and control all online activities on the most important social media channels relating to their own brand. In addition, the service offers numerous tools and integration options that make it easy for customers to contribute their own ideas for new features and express their opinions, wishes and needs. It can be difficult to find out whether or not the software you choose is right for you. Below we have put together a list of Enterprise Customer Feedback Management software.

Get Satisfaction Pricing

The last known plans are that the subscription starts at $39 per month for annual payment and $49 per month for monthly payment with a 30-day trial version for monthly subscriptions. However, today the company only offers custom pricing.

With Get Satisfaction, companies can create online communities with little effort and easily integrate them into any website.

Pricingstarts at custom quotes
Billing is based oncustom
Target customerSMES to large companies
Ease of usemedium


Sleekplan is an alternative customer feedback management tool to Get Satisfaction that helps you to cover the whole feedback loop - starting with the collection of feedback, through the prioritization and ongoing development of features, to the notification of your customers. With Sleekplan you get a fully integrated feedback solution made specifically for the needs of SaaS companies.
Pricingstarts at $0/month
Billing is based onmonthly tracked users
Target customerall size companies
Ease of useeasy

We don't want to compare Sleekplan with Get Satisfaction, since both services follow different approaches, not only in terms of pricing, but also how to handle feedback. Instead, we want to give you an insight of what you can do with Sleekplan. So you can make up your own mind.

Prioritize customer feedbackDo not simply rely on up- and downvotes. Sleekplan prioritizes your feedback based on various factors.
Keep a changelogKeep your customers in the loop with new features. Notify customers about changes and record the ongoing progress in a changelog.
Fully integrated solutionSleekplan can be fully integrated into your web application, with only one line of code.
Track customer satisfactionDon't just discuss new ideas or bugs, but also keep an eye on the customer satisfaction and how it improves over time.
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More Top Alternatives to Get Satisfaction

We are convinced that you will love Sleekplan. But of course we don't want to deprive you of other great alternatives to Get Satisfaction out there.
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    Hotjar offers two main tools: analysis and feedback. These include the tools Heatmaps, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, and Visitor Recording. With these analysis tools, companies can monitor and measure user behavior. Hotjar provides visual representations of website visitors and their usage behavior. Visit Hotjar
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    Collect and organize your customer feedback and keep your users informed about the latest updates. Visit Hellonext
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    Aha! empowers product managers to understand the why, when and what of products by helping them to create complex product portfolios, complete with schedules, goals, release strategies and more. Alternatives to Aha!Visit Aha!
  • ionicons-v5-e is a cloud-based solution that helps companies small to large collect, prioritize, and track feedback with simple voting features. lets you track which customers want which feature. This data helps your team make more robust product decisions. Alternatives to Canny.ioVisit
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    UserVoice was launched in California in 2008, the service is said to have over 100,000 customers worldwide and addresses large companies that want to gather customer feedback, effectively process support requests, and increase customer satisfaction. Alternatives to UservoiceVisit Uservoice
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    SaaS companies, start-ups or basically anyone who needs user feedback and cares about product optimization can use canny to turn feedback from your users into actionable product optimizations. Visit Upvoty
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    Emojicom is a very simple service for collecting feedback using emojis. Visit Emojicom
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    UserEcho is a tool to deal with your clients, their wishes, ideas and requirements. Their special approach quickly provides you with a comfortable environment for structured communication. Alternatives to UserEchoVisit UserEcho
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    Pendo enables users to provide insight, user guidance and user communication for digital product teams. The service enables understanding product usage, gathering feedback, measuring NPS and onboard users and announcing new features within the application. Visit
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    UserReport is a feedback management system with an integrated survey function, from which visitor data can be collected and ideas for possible improvements to the website can be gathered. Visit UserReport
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    UseResponse is an integrated customer support application that combines the functions of a support ticketing center, feedback communities, live chat and knowledge database in a single package. Visit UseResponse
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    Mopinion is an all-in-one user feedback platform that helps digital businesses listen, understand and act across the Internet. Visit Mopinion
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    Let your customers share, vote and discuss on suggestions they have to make your product even better. Fider is an open source tool that can help you to collect feedback and prioritize so that you can focus on developing the right product. Visit Fider

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