The all-in-one website feedback tool

Sleekplan is an embeddable all-in-one tool to collect feedback from your website, build a roadmap, and keep a changelog

Website feedback tool

Collect feedback from your website

The website or customer feedback tools allows you to collect feedback from your customers and website users. The ideas, suggestions, and issues you collect can be used to identify and fix problems and bugs and to continuously optimize your application based on valuable feedback.

Collect feedback from your website

With Sleekplan, we offer you a tool to capture valuable feedback in different ways and across different channels.

You can embed our feedback widget on your website, share your feedback board via email or share a link on your social media channels.
Collect feedback from your website

Let user discuss & vote

You can discuss suggestions, bugs or any feedback with your customers. Let them know what happens next and actively involve them into the feedback cycle.
Let user discuss & vote

Prioritize suggestions

Based on significant factors our feedback tool prioritizes the feedback for you and suggests what to focus on next. For example, you can weight your customers according to the revenue, we include this factor in the score for each user interaction.
Prioritize suggestions

Why is it so important to use a website feedback tool?

The voice of the online customer is becoming increasingly important in the context of optimizing websites and apps. That's why web analysts and digital marketing experts are increasingly using tools for customer feedback gathering. Which feedback capture tool and which type of usage should you choose?
Getting feedback from website visitors - and that's what counts - through online forms, widgets and surveys are different ways to ask questions directly and get immediate answers. The different feedback modules can be used for different purposes. For example, you can ask how visitors perceive your website, how you got there, why they visit the site, and whether they have suggestions for improvement.
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