A simple tool to keep track of Feature Requests

Give your users a voice with simple in-app feature requests

A tool for feature requests that is embeddable

How to track Feature Request?

Sleekplan is a tool that helps you and your team to record feature requests, bugs, or suggestions via an embedded widget straight from your application. Customers can add their own feedback and vote on existing feature requests. This allows you to quickly identify useful product ideas and improve existing features.

1. Collect feature requests

No more guessing. Use feature requests, user votes and comments inside your application to make feedback-driven decisions.
  • Use our standalone solution with your domain (e.g. feedback.yourcompany.com) or our embedded feedback tool.
  • Collect additional information about your customers, like your internal ID, MRR or weighting.
1. Collect feature requests

2. Prioritize product features

You can't satisfy every need. After you have your feature requests it is essential to prioritize.

Our tool supports you by calculating an impact score based on meaningful metrics for each request.
2. Prioritize product features

3. Build a product roadmap

Once you have defined your backlog, you can start working on new features.
Use a clear roadmap in Kanban style, drag and drop items bewtween different states, and we will keep your customers up to date.
3. Build a product roadmap

4. Keep a changelog

Fast feedback and short development cycles are the key. When the software evolves, your customers want to know how and why it evolves.

We will keep a changelog and notify your customers by email as soon as you have a feature request.
4. Keep a changelog

Satisfying customers, made simple.

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