A Roadmap Template for Google Sheets!

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In this article, we would like to take a closer look at Google sheets. How you can use Google sheets for your everyday project planning. Discovering pros and cons and how you can use it for your company's or team's project management needs. Plus, a free roadmap templates for google sheets!

# Google Sheets?

Google sheets is a free and cloud-based spreadsheet app. It was initially started as an online alternative to Microsoft Excel, but it has now come into its own. Google Sheets lets you create different spreadsheets for your individual needs. You can share these with others or allow access to specific people within the organization that need only certain data.

# How Google Sheets can be used for project management?

Google sheets is becoming more and more popular for project management tasks like building a roadmap template. It has the ability to create complex calculations that are not possible with simple excel spreadsheets. These features allow you to build a roadmap with Google sheets and track progress, see how every stage of your roadmap fits together across timeframes, and easily share this roadmap with your team.

Let's take a closer look at how Google sheets can be used for project management!

  • You are able to see the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish, while also seeing individual tasks that must get done in order to achieve certain milestones. This is essential when it comes to planning out your roadmap.
  • Google sheets can easily be shared with other team members, allowing them to see the tasks that need completion and what is already completed - This allows for complete transparency within an organization. Everyone knows exactly where they are supposed to be at all times during project planning.
  • The features of google sheets allow you to track different changes in your roadmap. You can see when certain milestones are met and plan accordingly based on that information - Google sheets is great for predicting future outcomes if you know what has happened in the past!
  • The integration with google drive makes it easy to share documents; whether they be important meeting notes, spreadsheets of task completion, or a roadmap template

# Google Sheets Roadmap Template (Timeline)

# Google Sheets Roadmap Template (Kanban)


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