How to improve customer satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction makes your company successful. If you manage to make your customers happy and satisfied, you make sure that they come back and recommend your product or service to others. On the other hand, if your customer is dissatisfied and annoyed, he will complain loudly - not only to you, but also in his environment and on the World Wide Web. In individual cases, this can happen and can usually be solved. However, if customer satisfaction becomes a general problem, you urgently need to change something. The following is true: Customer orientation, especially dealing with disgruntled customers, is a real challenge. Whether on the phone or via email or chat - keeping a cool head and staying professional is now a top priority if you want to increase customer satisfaction or win back the customer.

# Customer satisfaction is an important success factor

How important is customer satisfaction? There is probably only one answer to this question: customers themselves naturally want to be treated like royalty. When you think of yourself as a customer, you want to be courted, satisfied, treated well. A company that makes their wishes come true and makes them possible is the dream of every customer. On the other hand, companies have recognized this and know how important customer satisfaction is for their own success.

The most important reason for companies to strive for customer satisfaction: satisfied customers buy and come back. Customer satisfaction therefore not only generates more sales, it also saves money, because winning new customers - for example through advertising - is significantly more expensive than keeping existing customers. If you manage to make your customers happy, you can even charge a higher price without customers dropping out.

Customer satisfaction cannot be rated high enough from a company's point of view and everything should be done to increase it. At least that is the theory. In practice, however, it repeatedly turns out that many people don't take it seriously and would prefer not to deal with dissatisfied customers at all.

# How to increase customer satisfaction

There are various possibilities and methods to increase customer satisfaction. The good news is that it doesn't have to be complicated at all to satisfy your own customers and thus build a long-term customer relationship. In fact, it is often better to think simply and concentrate on the really important things instead of drifting off and investing a lot of time and money in the wrong place.

# 1. Set value on quality

Customer satisfaction is mainly created when your product or service meets or, in the best case, even exceeds all expectations. So before you go about anything else, you should first ask yourself whether you are producing a product that is disappointing for customers and, if necessary, correct it. Quality assurance is the key to customer satisfaction.

# 2. Make it easy for the customer

Whether it's finding your products and services, buying, paying or contacting one of your employees via hotline or e-mail: the easier you make the process for the customer, the more likely it is that his customer satisfaction will increase. Nobody wants to search forever or keep on clicking through.

# 3. Pay attention to speed

In today's world, everything goes fast, many things can be done at the push of a button and patience is hard to find with customers. For companies this means: Customer satisfaction can also be increased by speed. If you are faster than your competitors - be it in deliveries, in answering questions or in the general processing of orders - your customers will notice this. This is especially true for queues, which probably every customer has been upset about at some point.

# 4. Stay realistic

Especially in advertising, people like to exaggerate to praise their own product to the skies and attract customers. This may work at first, but it definitely leads to a catastrophic customer satisfaction. Rather rely on honesty and realistic advertising that does not make promises or raise expectations that you cannot keep.

# 5. Rely on regular feedback

Customer satisfaction should be monitored regularly. Questionnaires and direct feedback from customers are best suited for this. Find out at what point satisfaction is lost. Is it the product? The price? Or maybe the contact with a service employee? Only when you know exactly what is causing customer satisfaction can suitable solutions be found.

# 6. Use the feedback actively

It is one thing to obtain feedback. On another sheet of paper it is written whether you use it. Give your customers the feeling that they can really make a contribution and contribute to improvement. Promote changes and innovations for example with On the advice of our customers... or with We have listened to what you want...

If you want to increase customer satisfaction, make every effort and want to stay in touch so that no misunderstandings arise and your customer is always informed


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