How to achieve customer satisfaction?

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Take care of your marketing and exactly this includes creating customer satisfaction. "The customer is king" - this old wisdom is probably known to every entrepreneur. And so it must be - the customer must always be satisfied. Those who work according to this credo automatically ensure customer satisfaction. Because it is precisely customer satisfaction (opens new window) that is the most important prerequisite for extending already existing customer relationships, the so-called "customer lifetime".

Customer loyalty (opens new window) is definitely worthwhile, especially when you consider that acquiring a new customer costs four times as much as keeping a regular customer, according to marketing experts. The fact is that profits of most enterprises are generated predominantly with regular customers and the loss of an existing customer can have quite negative effects on the entrepreneurial success. That is why customer satisfaction is essential for survival, practically for any business. For this reason, every entrepreneur should adjust all measures and actions of his company to the needs of customers.

# How can you satisfy your customers?

First of all, it is very important that not only the entrepreneur thinks in a customer-oriented way, but that he aligns his entire company with customer satisfaction. Each of his employees must adopt, understand and also apply at all times the measures to increase customer satisfaction.

The following lists summarize the most important aspects you should take to heart when implementing and achieving customer satisfaction. Thus, you hold the key to lasting customer satisfaction in your hand.

# Motivate employees to promote customer satisfaction

Your employees must

  • know about the products
  • be technically competent
  • receive regular training,
  • be able to advise customers,
  • be friendly,
  • act in a solution-oriented manner,
  • and respond to the individual needs of the customer.

# Collect customer data and continuously evaluate customer satisfaction

  • keep contact with your customers even after purchase/contract conclusion
  • Inform customers about your current offers
  • Offer customers bonus systems, events or other benefits
  • Find out what your customers' buying interests are
  • Make top offers to your regular customers

# Keeping your service promise and improving your services

  • Customer support before and during the purchase
  • Customer care after the purchase
  • Offer complete services
  • More timely service delivery
  • More complete services
  • Offer of training of the customer
  • Establishment of a telephone customer service
  • Greater flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs
  • Handle customer complaints professionally

# Improve your products

  • More appealing layout and design
  • Higher quality
  • Better material
  • More fashionable colors
  • Higher reliability
  • Better environmental performance
  • More attractive packaging
  • Improved functionality
  • Easier to use

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