How an Anonymous Feedback Tool can help you to collect valuable feedback?

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Feedback is important in many different areas. If you’re set out to improve your website, app or even your employee satisfaction, monitoring the target audiences experience is essential. Anonymous feedback helps to keep an open flow of communication between you and your audience. Since users aren't identified, they feel free to share their honest opinions without hesitation. Such insights offer valuable insight into customers' or employees mindsets and help companies to improve. Anonymous feedback tools help you to collect customer/employee feedback, proactively alter your product or service and even create a company culture of open communication.

# What is anonymous feedback tool?

An Anonymous Feedback Tool is a software solution that allows you to collect feedback from anonymous users or employees. When companies want to know how they can improve, what the current experience of their customers is and what their employees think about working there, Anonymous Feedback Tools offer a quick and easy way for them to get that information. However, there are a whole bunch of different feedback tools and approches out there. Most of them can be used for anonymous feedback, but there are some which are tailored for known users, this tools does make sense only if you share all the known informations for the user submitting feedback. Anonymous feedback is simply any form of communication where users aren’t identified.

One feedback solution that works great for collecting anonymouse user feedback is a public feedback board. User can submit feedback or suggestions on the board, others can upvote those if they agree with that post and discuss the items in a comment section. Especially if you make use of such an approach with the ption to participate anonaymously users tend t be way more active, since they feel that they are in a safe are, even if the feedback is public visible. Since you as a company can jump into the discussions and dive into deepth this can be a great source of valubale feedback - in any case.

# Benefits of using anonymous feedback tool

If you want to improve your product or service and create a company culture where employees feel free to communicate with one another, it’s important that the people who know the most about your business do not feel afraid to share their feedback. Anonymous feedback is a great tool for user research, whether you’re curios about what customers think of your latest design or how they experience your sales process. Anonymous Feedback Tools can help you to collect customer/employee feedback and proactively alter your product or service and you do build a space where users feel save to share their opinion. Anonymous feedback helps to keep an open flow of communication between you and your audience, since users aren't identified they feel free to share their honest opinions without hesitation. Such insights offer valuable insight into customers' or employees mindsets and help companies to improve.

# How Anonymous Feedback Tool works?

Anonymous Feedback Tools work by creating an Anonymous channel for user communication. Users share their problems without being identified. By using the tool you'll be able to monitor the target audience’s experience and collect both positive and negative feedback. Anonymous Feedback Tools hide user-specific information such as their real- or username, and IP address. Thus you can only see the types of problems that users are experiencing, not who those people actually are. Anonymous Feedback ensures that complaints will be honest and unbiased. However the types of feedback differe. This can range from feedback baords, satsifaction surveys, multi-question surveys to long-form questions. It all depends on what feedback you want to collect and how open accessible the feedback should be for others. A benefit of feedback baords is, that you can still stay in touch and keep the discussion ongoing even if you dont know the user (and thus you cannot contact them directly).

# Who should use anonymous feedback tool?

Anonymous Feedback Tools are especially suited for companies that want to improve their product or service. Anonymous feedback is particularly helpful for products that rely on strong customer relationships like software or apps, since there's an option to stay in touch with the user even if you don't know them. Anonymous Feedback can act as a seal of approval from previous customers. The tool can be used to monitor employees as well, allowing you to collect both positive and negative feedback about the workplace culture. Anonymous Feedback Tools are useful for any company that wants a safe space where users feel comfortable sharing their opinions without getting attacked or feeling judged. Anonymous feedback is also a great solution if you need to collect customer feedback, yet you don't want them to display their real name or other identifying information.

# Disadvantages of using anonymous feedback tool

While Anonymous feedback lets you collect information from customers and employees anonymously, it can't guarantee 100% anonymity. Also even if you as a company do not know who has shared their opinion with you, there's no propper way for you to prioritize feedback based on customer importance or other aspcets of the user who submitted the feedback. In some circumstances anonaymous feedback tools can lead you into the wrong direction, lets you maing wrong decisions before you found out about the problem. Anonymous feedback can distort feedback for example if a certain issue is only experienced by a small amount of your customers, but you get 100s of submissions from both sides.


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