Custom Feedback Buttons for your Website

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In this article, we'll see some really cool looking feedback buttons using only a few lines of CSS & HTML.

Once you have installed the Sleekplan feedback widget (opens new window) on your website, you'll notice that it comes with a native feedback button. The feedback button is fully customizable so you can chnage the logo, the size, the position, the displayed text and the color. However, to integrate the widget in your website you may want to build your own feedback button. No problem, you can add the data-sleek attribute to any HTML element on your website. Depending on the module you want to load on click, you can use the following attributes.

  • data-sleek-feedback to load the feedback baord
  • data-sleek-changelog to load the changelog
  • data-sleek-roadmap to load the roadmap

# Some custom feedback buttons for your website

Are you looking for some feedback buttons to use in a website project? We have a list of ones you might like (or you might just use it as a starting point to build your own ones). None of the buttons here do use any JavaScript library, but some example using the free Font Awesome (opens new window) icons. Feel free to use or modify the buttons according to your needs.

# 1. Simple feedback buttons

Simple buttons for feedback, changelog and roadmap. These buttons can be embedded in almost every webproject - inline or fixed.

# 2. Fixed feedback buttons

We have used this type of buttons at Sleekplan. This is a simple solution to have your feedback and changelog action always visible and therefore obtain more attention.

# 3. Dark mode feedback button

A cool looking button which is perfect for dark mode with a gradient border.

# 4. Collapsing feedback buttons

If you are not a fan of such prominent buttons this or even the next buttons can be your choice. Due t the collapsing, it doest not take to much space and can be fixed ate the bottom of your website.

# 5. FAB: The Floating Action (Feedback) Button


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