The best tools for online surveys

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Whether for feedback on your app, website or many other purposes: online surveys allow easy user feedback.

# Tools for online surveys: from simple to comprehensive

Whether researching a scientific paper or providing feedback to an app developer, online survey tools make feedback easy. Not everyone needs to reinvent the wheel, there are many practical tools for the easy creation of online surveys. Eleven of them are briefly introduced to you in this article.

# 1. Crowdsignal

One of the best known survey tools is undoubtedly Crowdsignal (opens new window), known to many as Polldaddy. With this tool, even very extensive surveys can be realized with a simple interface. The tool from the company Automattic, which is also behind the WordPress hosting service, comes with a simple editor for creating the survey. In addition to customizing the survey design, it is also possible to easily integrate media content and export the results as Excel, PDF, Google Doc and XML files.

# 2. Google Form

An obvious and simple option for Google users: a survey via Google form (opens new window). The answers can be saved to a new Google spreadsheet or to a new column in an existing spreadsheet. Alternatively, the form also has an overview of the answers. The user can choose different designs and add new elements with a few clicks. As with the other Google Docs applications, creating surveys using the form is free.

# 3. Zoho Survey

The service Zoho Survey (opens new window) is also useful for surveys of any kind - from simple to comprehensive. The tool offers a live view to get you started. Both when configuring the layout and when creating the questionnaire, it shows the results live. Zoho Survey also attaches particular importance to data protection, all data is stored on a server in Germany. Unlike the competition, Zoho Survey does not rely on a subscription model when it comes to price, so that even one-off surveys are no problem. The cheapest model includes one survey, 1,000 participants, unlimited questions and a three-month contract. The price models start at 149 euros, with a substantial discount for students who pay only 29 euros for the low-cost model. A limited, free model is also available for the start.

# 4. Typeform

Whether survey or form - Typeform (opens new window) comes along with user-friendly usability. Of course, many different forms and surveys can also be created with this service, but the practical aspect of keyboard navigation through the surveys stands out above all else. Also practical: the visualization that shows the user every decision. The surveys are adapted for mobile devices and different templates can be selected for the creation. The free version allows 100 answers per month and ten questions per survey. The pro model starts at 25 Euro per month.

# 5. Surveygizmo

Surveygizmo (opens new window) is aimed primarily at companies. Whether market research or customer surveys, with Surveygizmo even detailed surveys can be implemented. Due to the many different question possibilities and platforms for which the application is available, the tool becomes almost an all-rounder. The company does not reveal prices on its website, they must be requested individually.

# 6. Doodle

For date surveys Doodle (opens new window) is certainly the leader. Users can easily create a poll and share it with others. To avoid appointment conflicts, Doodle works with many calendar providers without any problems. The pro account has its own branding and advertising freedom.

# 7. SurveyMonkey

Simple, clear and with Responsive Design characterize the highlights of SurveyMonkey (opens new window). Like many others, the tool comes with easy handling and ready-made templates. In addition to extensive testing options before going live with your own survey, you can also share your survey directly via a social network. In the paid accounts there are more question types and more logic.

# 8. SoGoSurvey

Besides the usual survey functions, So Go Survey (opens new window) stands out with one thing in particular: the so-called "Rules and Alerts". If a certain state is reached, the survey creator receives a notification directly. This makes it easy to be notified when a participant limit is exceeded or to communicate directly with users if they give negative feedback or similar. Apart from the free model, it starts with more features and participants at 25 dollars a month. There are also free accounts for students or non-profit organizations.


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