Track & Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Measure and Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Sleekplan is a simple tool to track customer satisfaction on your website and collaborate with customers at the same time to bring up better solutions

Keep an eye on your customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with a business' products or services depends on how well their expectations have been met. Sleekplan is a tool that can help you to easily measure customer satisfaction directly on your website, but also to discuss potential solutions in a feedback forum with your customers.

Track customer satisfaction

Sleekplan helps you to track customer satisfaction on your website with an embedded widget.

Notice trends in customer satisfaction at an early stage to counteract negativ trends.
Track  customer satisfaction

Get higher response rates

Ask your customers for feedback, set a delay and Sleekplan will show a popup automatically.

With the Sleekplan app you can set everything yourself: Which text should be displayed, which brand color you need, when a popup should be displayed.

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What is the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)?

It is well known that customer satisfaction is a key indicator of long-term success. Therefore it is extremely important to measure this indicator regularly. One of the most popular methods for this is the so-called "Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)". The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a simple method for quantifying customer satisfaction. Customers use surveys to evaluate concrete experiences with the performance of a company using a predefined scale. The result is a concise key figure that expresses the degree of customer satisfaction in percent.
The Customer Satisfaction Score can be used to track customer satisfaction over the entire customer life cycle. It determines how customers feel at various points of contact with a company and whether or not the experience has contributed to their satisfaction.
This makes it easier to detect weaknesses, for which appropriate measures can then be taken. The best way to gain an overview is to send out CSAT surveys at the following times:

Satisfying customers, made simple.

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