Measuring Results

Customer Satisfaction

Easily collect transactional feedback at any customer touchpoint and know how you measure up against your users’ expectations
Identify touchpoint
Each CSAT surveys can be triggered for specific user segments on a defined url path and delay (i.e. Deliver a popup for enterprise customer after onboarding is completed).
Analyze customer satisfaction based on user segments and understand how you perform in specific segments.

Customer Satisfaction Website

The Customer Satisfaction is available on public website with your own domain, custom appearance and SEO optimization. Take the website for a test drive ->

Customer Satisfaction Widget

Embed the Customer Satisfaction in-app or on your website so users dont need to leave your app, ever. Take the widget for a test drive ->

Measure Satisfaction

Keep an eye on your customer satisfaction. With Sleekplan you can analyze customer satisfaction over time and quickly react to negative trends.


Sleekplan comes with hundreds of features that makes managing feedback fun and easy - with more added every week. Let us name just a few...

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

Sleekplan enables you to directly measures customer satisfaction levels.
Bar Chart

History & trends

Analyze historical data and measure changes when shipping new features.

Custom surveys

Get more detailes insights (e.g. How does Feature A perform, How satisfied are leads with the pricing)

Popup surveys

Using the Sleekplan JavaScript SDK enables you to add sleek popups to your website or app.

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