Product Roadmap

Get everyone aligned around your product roadmap, share upcoming features and prioritize based on real user feedback

A Product Roadmap Software tailored to your needs

Feature Voting & discussions
Let customers vote for features that they want on the product roadmap and discuss potential solutions.
Estimated dates
Once a feature made it to your roadmap you can specify an estimated month and year when a feature will be available.
Create a roadmap that fits your needs. Decide for yourself which statuses to display as a column and which ones to hide.
Easy and understandable
Your audience isn´t always as experienced as you are. So we have strip down to what is required - Clear and easy to understand!

Product Roadmap Website

The Product Roadmap is available on public website with your own domain, custom appearance and SEO optimization. Take the website for a test drive ->

Product Roadmap Widget

Embed the Product Roadmap in-app or on your website so users dont need to leave your app, ever. Take the widget for a test drive ->

Share a Roadmap

Show what is coming up and what you are currently working on. We calculate an impact score for each feedback item based on many different aspects, so you can decide what to build next.


Sleekplan comes with hundreds of features that makes managing feedback fun and easy - with more added every week. Let us name just a few...

Send Status updates

If the status of a post has changes we notify subscriber via email and in-app.
File Tray Full

Custom roadmap status tags & order

You decide which status tags should appear in your roadmap and in which order.

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