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Kickstart the feedback loop

Sleekplan is an all-in-one feedback tool that organizes user requests and brings feature voting boards, roadmaps, changelogs, and satisfaction surveys to your website.

One Easy-To-Use Solution, loaded with powerful features

All you need to manage successful products: Sleekplan is not just another feature voting tool, it rather covers the entire process from the idea to the shipped feature and everything in between.

Capture Feedback

Collect, discuss, and categorize feedback from your customer.

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Keep a Changelog

Keep your users informed about your recent product updates.

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Share a Roadmap

Keep everyone informed about things you are working on.

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Measure Satisfaction

Track your users satisfaction with CSAT and NPS®.

Easy Administration

Feedback Board A Voting Board with many Features

Private postsSingle sign-onInternal commentsVote on behalfInternal tagsModerationPosts merging

Different Teamshave different needs

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Organize all feedback in one place

Launch a single, centralized place to capture, track, and organize internal and external feedback.
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Backing up product decisions

Define user attributes and create custom segments to make wise product decisions.
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Manage product roadmaps

Create and share an always-up-to-date roadmap and keep everyone in the loop.
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Test concepts and validate ideas

Make sure that ideas and suggestions are worth pursuing. Collect feedback and discuss possible solutions.
Sleekplan in Action

Embeddable Widget

Keep the feedback coming without interrupting your end-users. Enable them to quickly share feedback from within your web based app.Try the widget
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Integrated with the tools you already use

Sleekplan understands the importance of supporting integration with your most used tools. Keep your stack aligned and integrate the tools and apps you already use with Sleekplan.

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I have to say I love Sleekplans' tool for gathering user feedback, satisfaction & tracking product updates via the changelog & roadmap. Really handy for users of TuneRelease to see what we are building and be a part of the journey 🚀
Luke Rynne CullenFounder & CEO
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