# Domain

By default, the Sleekplan widget is embedded on your website, as a widget that can be opened and closed. However, if you would like to be able to share a link that pops up the Sleekplan widget in full-screen that users cannot close, this article may help you.

By default each new product at Sleekplan has its own subdomain (e.g. product.sleekplan.app). You can use this domain to share a link to your feedback forum or changelog (e.g. https://feedback.sleekplan.com/changelog (opens new window)). We use this domain to provide your customers with links to feedback posts or changelog items via email notifications. You can find your current domain at settings → widget (opens new window)


# Connect a custom domain

Direct your custom domain to Sleekplan and connect it to your Sleekplan product. Besides using the default yourproduct.sleekplan.app, you can also use any custom domain you own (feedback.product.com).

Here's how to proceed:

# Add a CNAME record

Access your domain's DNS settings in your domain registrar's or DNS host's dashboard. Every DNS host has their own way of updating DNS settings. We recommend that you read the help documentation of your DNS host. Add the following CNAME records to your domain and replace feedback with your subdomain.

Type Host Target
CNAME feedback cname.sleekplan.app

# Enable SSL

We support HTTPS/SSL on our side, via Let's Encrypt. Upon receiving your domain setup, we'll check for valid CNAME settings and we'll request an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. This process takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, so don't be surprised if the first request doesn't work.