# Iframe

By default, the Sleekplan widget is embedded on your website, as a widget that can be opened and closed. However, if you would like to be able to embed Sleekplan in an iframe or in a webview (e.g. via your mobile app), this article may help you.

Sleekplan provides a simple way to build links that allows you to include Sleekplan using an Iframe like the example from our changelog below.

Here's how to proceed:

  • Go to: https://app.sleekplan.com
  • Go to settings → widget
  • Your product ID can be found in the Sleekplan widget snippet <script type="text/javascript">window.$sleek=[];window.SLEEK_PRODUCT_ID={PRODUCT_ID}; (we'll call it SLEEK_PRODUCT_ID there)

Your URL will take the following form (replace with your {PRODUCT_ID}):


You may want to display a specific page straight away. This can be done by appending /#/pagename. For example, to load the changelog you would use the following format:

<iframe src="https://embed-{PRODUCT_ID}.sleekplan.app/#/changelog/"></iframe>